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Looking after your skin on a daily basis is a key part in maintaining healthy and younger looking skin. The men’s skincare products online at Male Skin and Shaving will help you with your day to day skincare regime.

Look after your skin and your skin will look after you with these fantastic brands, all available to buy online with free UK delivery: Cougar By Paula Dunne, Edwin Jagger, Groomed, The Real Shaving Co and Truefitt & Hill.

Daily skincare tips and products for men

Step 1. Start your day with a pre shave facial scrub with ingredients including Aloe Vera, Peppermint and Menthol to really cleanse and invigorate your skin ready for your daily shave. For men with sensitive or dry skin, don’t worry, we have facial scrubs that are without parabens, alcohol and sulphate.

Step 2. Now your skin is revitalised and your pores are ready for a close shave it’s time to apply some shaving gel or cream depending on your preference. All our creams and gels are low lather to build barrier between your skin and the blade allowing for a friction free shave preventing skin irritation.

Step 3. Alongside a good pre shave routine, post shave skincare can make the difference between a care free day and one spent scratching away at an irritated face or neck. Using one of our soothing balms or moisturising aftershave lotions can help prevent skin irritation leaving you to get on with your day.

For those men that don’t shave on a daily basis but want to keep their skin looking and feeling healthy then why not try one of our other skincare products. From day cream to night cream, from moisturisers to facial serum and everything inbetween to treat your skin the way it deserves.

Need to top up your tan (or desperately need one) without going to the tanning shop on your lunch break? Why not try one of our great ranges of fake tan products and enjoy your lunch. With all the extra time why not take a look at our Zeos For Men Warm Waxing Starter Kit and save more time by not going to the salon.

We are also official stockists of the TRX2 Hair loss supplement in the UK, a vegetarian supplement suitable for men and Women, for the treatment of general Hair loss conditions and Alopecia, and it is also used to maintain hair during Chemotherapy treatment.

Here at the Male Skin and Shaving Company we have a range of products online to suit you and your skincare needs. We take pride in only selling products that have not been tested on animals but if you have any questions at all regarding our men’s skincare products please do get in touch today.

Don’t forget that all online orders come with free UK delivery and spend over £30 and we also throw in a free gift as well as a discount code for you to use on future orders (discount codes are time limited).

Whats New at Male Skin and Shaving

Rogue 3 Product Gift Set For Men - R02


Included: 1 x 150ml Energising Body Wash 1 x 150ml 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner 1 x 50ml Hair Reworkable Moulding Paste Presented in a Gold org...

Rogue 3 Product Gift Set For Men - R04


Included: 1 x 100ml Energising Body Wash 1 x 100ml Energising Face Scrub 1 x 100ml Naked Tan (Instant Tan,washes off) Presented in a Gold organ...

The Real Shaving Co. 3 Product Gift set in Gold Organza Gift Bag (RS08)


Included: 1 x 100ml Daily Face Wash 1 x 100ml Daily Face Scrub 1 x 100ml Spf15 Moisturiser Presented in a Gold organza Gift Bag this gift set i...

The Real Shaving Co. Daily Face Wash - 100ml



Rogue Lifting, Brightening Eye Serum with Peptides - 10ml


A light non-greasy formulation to be applied daily to combat dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. Provides and immediate lifting effect. CONTAINS...

Rogue Lubricious Shave Cream with Witch Hazel - 100ml


A rich, luxurious and traditional shave cream which is best applied with a natural-hair shaving brush. Enhances razor slip on the skin for a smooth co...

Rogue Energising Face Scrub with Witch Hazel - 100ml


Our energising face scrub has an active anti-fatigue active, this exfoliating scrub will help to reduce the signs of fatigue, leaving the skin feeling...

Rogue Energising Body Wash with Dragon's Blood Extract - 150ml


Rogue’s Energising body wash has an active anti-fatigue ingredient and Dragons blood extract. Dragon's Blood (sap from the Croton Lechleri tree) works...